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I am Lyndsey V, a certified speaker on a mission to end burn-out for professionals, specifically in the real estate and dental world. It took 10 years for me to realize the real cause of the immense pressure and stress I was under. I see how the stresses of our day block productivity and passion.

Otherwise excellent employees are often not engaged, lack motivation and are unproductive. This stressful state often ends in a permanent pain loop, full speed ahead. It’s not because the job isn’t not a good fit for them, it is because professionals simply don’t know what to do with the stress.

Unfortunately, the solutions most people choose only provide a quick fix for the symptoms, without releasing the pain for good and empowering individuals in the process.

When an employee sees their lives differently and knows how to shred stress and pressure, they instantly become more engaged with co-workers and clients, feel motivated to reach goals, and are more productive. They also report having deeper general life satisfaction in general. What could be more satisfying as an employer than providing that?

My programs challenge conventional thinking, are hands-on and focus on the real cause of burnout, getting professionals back to their original passions.

Bring me in and unleash your employees true potential and see your company change.

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