Meet Lyndsey!

For a good chunk of my life I felt stuck, weighed down and unaware of the issues that were holding me back.

I was affected by situations and people’s emotions a lot more than I wanted to be. I had also experienced acute postpartum depression, significant trauma and felt mostly anxious and down. I definitely did not want to face how I felt and what I had been through. I did not want to connect with people and I would feel happiness for moments, but nothing deep and lasting.

The truth is, I didn’t even know I was living a life less than I was meant to live or that there was even another way to live.
Through “shredding” and self-work, I live with a sense of lightness and joy I would have never thought could be part of my life, let alone a normal way of feeling. I feel peace that is bigger than the stressful situations around me which helps me feel power over emotion.

I have fallen in love with sharing what I know, waking up at all hours of the night wanting other people to feel relief and happiness.

When I think about the biggest factor for the happy life I live now, it is when I started to acknowledge experiences and emotions of the past.

It was when, one day, I let down the walls just enough to hurriedly write the things I felt like I could not say and ripping the paper to shreds before anyone could see it. Followed by many more sessions of this.And wow what I would have given years ago to have the exact shredding process that I have now.

By getting The Black Book and following the simple steps for shredding consistently (two times a week for three months) feeling ourselves, without all the struggle is reality.
Of course life is not perfect. I have moments of sadness, anxiety and I feel deeply. As a human, mom of the four, and wife to my best buddy, the rawness of life is oh so real. I live mostly with all I have been through, knowing it gives me the gritty, realness and depth that I am grateful for, without adding heaviness or sadness to my life.

I love laughing, doing outdoor adventures and just being with friends, my four hilarious sisters and family. I love to ski, travel and have recently gotten into scuba diving. I received my BS degree in behavioral science from Utah Valley University. In my eyes, reading in bed, first thing in the morning is the dream. I have a lot of fun as a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am so grateful I have a relationship with my Savior.

If I am still here, living and happy, I know anyone can be.

“We spark hope in women to step into their bravery, living powerful lives”.

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