Shredding Pages | Hard Copy

“A place to acknowledge all the things you feel like you can’t say”

Have you ever been in a place where you feel like there are a lot of thoughts or feelings in your head you do not understand but they persist anyway? Or feelings of anxiety or depression?

These are the times I pull out my shredding journal and get the thoughts out of my head and body and onto paper.

This acknowledgement clears the way for more helpful thoughts and peaceful way of living. Most people find it helpful to shred about 2 times a week or when you feel thoughts or feelings you want to look at.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Anytime you feel a challenging emotion come up, you want to work through things, or about 2 times a week. 

Shredding does not create new problems or negativity in your life, but rather it brings out feelings or challenges you are already facing and helps to move through them and create more space for positivity. 

A tutorial video will be coming soon!

Daily Pages

No. Each page has a spot where the date can be filled in, but it is left blank so that the writer can fill in the dates for the days used. That way you you can fully utilize the journal and don’t feel guilty when you skip a day. 

The free Goal Jump Start under the “freebie” tab on the website includes some great tips on how to come up with affective goals.

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